Wine, Food and Art at its best in Tampa, Florida

Pizza & More

$13.00 Nova Salmon Pizza

With roma tomatoes, slivered red onion, capers, and blue cheese crumbles

$9.95 Margherita White Cheese Pizza

$11.50 Spinach & Artichoke Pizza

With goat cheese, roasted red peppers and basil

$14.00 Filet & Blue Cheese Pizza

Topped with Balsamic Drizzle, also roma tomatoes, hint of red onion, and mozzarella.

$13.95 Italian Margherita Pizza

White cheese with spicy cappicola,salami,pesto,tomato, & hint of red onion.

$10.50 Traditional Italian Pizza

Traditional red sauce pizza, with Italian sausage added.

$10.50 Mushroom Pizza

Roasted red pepper, slivered red onion, goat cheese, topped with arugula

$14.50 Fig & Brie Pizza

With sweet maple drizzle

$13.95 Sundried Tomato, Basil, & Roasted Red Pepper Pizza

Also has goat cheese!

Sweet Plates

$6.50 Heavenly Chocolate Paté

We suggest with a glass of Champagne or Hearty Zin

$6.50 New York Style Cheesecake

Great with a hearty Zinfandel

Chocolate fondue

$16.50 Chocolate Fondue

Perfect for sharing! Comes with dipping fruits and dipping French pastry.

$4.95 Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Just enough! Cool and refreshing! Great with some bubbly.

Filets, Fondues, & Pastas

$17.50 Stilton Cheese Fondue

Served with crusty bread, apples, and broccoli (for two)

$18.95 Traditional Gruyere Fondue


$19.95 Filet on a Plank

Sliced medium rare (unless otherwise specified) on a cutting board served with arugula, French baguette bread & a tad of fresh fruit.

$14.95 Petite Filet

Served medium rare with small house salad and steamed broccoli.

$14.95 Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

With sundried tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, fresh basil, and topped with a dollop of goat cheese.

$16.95 Creamy Chicken Pasta

Sauteed vermicelli with chicken, mushrooms, Roma tomato, and chives in a rich cream sauce.

$24.95 Lobster Pasta

Sauteed vermicelli with Maine lobster, Roma tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, and chives in a rich creamy lobster sauce.

Tapas, Sides, & Salads

$5.95 42nd Street Gazpacho

Olive Tapenade

$5.50 Olive Tapenade with French Baguette Bread

Served with crusty fresh bread.

Salmon Carpaccio

$9.95 Salmon Carpaccio, Capers, & Stilton

Stuffed Figs 2

$6.50 Stuffed Figs with Danish Blue Cheese

$4.95 Country Cured Olives

$6.95 Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Served with Totilla Chips

Cheese & pecan spread with preserves

$6.95 Cheddar Spread with Preserves

Served with fruit preserves and wafers

House Greens

$6.95 Apple & Walnut Salad

Arugula, radicchio, bibb lettuce, apples with blue cheese vinaigrette

cheese and fruit

$18.95 Cheese & Fruit Board

Bountiful serving of fresh fruits, assorted cheeses, dates and almonds. For 5.95 add assorted Italian meats.

$9.95 Steak Carpaccio

Lean ultra-rare beef topped with blue cheese crumbles, slivered red onion, black pepper, and arrugula, with a touch of olive oil.

$8.50 Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Made in-house and served with pita chips and a side of goat cheese.

$14.50 Tenderloin Kabob

Tapas size portion of medium rare tenderloin with mushrooms,peppers, and onion on a bed of arugula.